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Each piece of the unusual and mesmerizing jewelry created at Belle Brook Designs acquire its azgyous character through the process of hand fabrication. Recycled sterling silver and 18 karat gold are formed, soldered and filled with tiny tubes to create the effervescent circular patterns which define the Signature Collection, Metropolis. Natural gemstones are sprinkled throughout each piece to add sparkle and color.
Every piece is made in house by Belle with the help of her trained assistants to exact standards. Belle is committed to making Jewelry that is not only beautifully modern but to the highest standards of craftsmanship.


Nestled between the distant mountains of Valencia and the Mediterranean Sea, the Candela jewelry house was founded over seven decades ago by the three Candela brothers in Valencia, Spain. For several generations the Candela family has been at the forefront of European jewelry design and manufacturing.

Inspired by the beauty and heritage of Spain, a magnificent collection of jewelry was created  incorporating sterling silver, 18kt gold, exotic genuine gemstones and fine quality diamonds. Identifiable by the unique Armadillo finish and rope edge design trademarks, Andréa Candela is headed towards the forefront of the jewelry industry incorporating “Old World” craftsmanship for today’s fashion forward individual. 

Follow your passion for fine jewelry and the beauty of Spain to discover the collection of Andréa Candela.

Azar Jewelers is a third generation diamond wholesale and jewelery manufacturing company. They specialize in EGL and GIA certified loose stones and high end finished bridal jewelers. All of the Jewelry is made here in the USA and is measured against the highest standards in the industry.

What started as a simple summer job in 1976 for three of the Azar brothers, turned into a passion and eventually a career in the jewelry industry. However, the ethics that were installed into the family by the caring parents were the seed that made the venture a successful and a prosperous business.

The first retail operation was started in 1989 with the mind set that our goal is to stress the quality of merchandise, service and competitive prices. Today that philosophy still remains and the highest standards are always in place.

Luminox’ self-powered illumination (LLT) allows one to view time at-a-glance, no matter what the light level, even in complete darkness – up to 25 years of complete darkness, in fact. Being able to read time effortlessly under any and all circumstances fills a need for various military and law enforcement groups, which is why the U.S. Navy SEAL Procurement officers came to us asking us to create dive watches for them for night missions. It is also why U.S. Air Force pilots flying the F-117 Nighthawk™ Stealth Jets approached us. These are only two of many groups of “heroes” that truly understand and appreciate the inherent benefit of wearing a Luminox timepiece. Throughout 20+ years, Luminox has never strayed from its mission and this has been confirmed and validated by the many elite military and law enforcement units that have adopted Luminox as their own personal “standard equipment”.


Officina Bernardi is the result of a long and extensive planning, that involved several professionals, with technical, economic and artistic skills.Their purpose was to combine the unique Italian style with the highest technology.

Officina Bernardi is a new brand but based on a great technical expertise. In Chrysos’s premises, there is a long tradition in manufacturing diamond cut beads, that, with their several facets, represent the distinctive aspect of the Officina Bernardi jewellery. Their ingeniousness has been to come up with a specific line of bead jewellery.

Few times has a Brand such as Hershey’s paired themselves with a Fine Jewelry house. This new found relationship has been a fun and exciting partnership. The relationship has paved the way for multiple jewelry venues which has allowed “World Trade Jewelers” to cross over into Fashion as well as Fine Jewelry products. Hershey’s products come in Gold, Gold and Diamond, Silver, Silver and Diamond. Soon to arrive in the Hershey’s family of products are Silver and Cubic Zirconia, & Base Metal jewelry items. These varieties of components offer an array of Hershey products that will satisfy every level of retail establishment and consumer.
The Hershey’s Kiss Jewelry item is becoming a staple and a symbol of love “The New Heart” item. Soon everyone will want to be adorned by “A Kiss that Lasts Forever” TM.


Flawless Beauty Within Reach

Lafonn offers extravagant expertly crafted designs in sterling silver, handset with the world’s finest simulated diamonds. Unsurpassed quality and dazzling perfection are the foundation of Lafonn's brilliance and fire.
As a design house and manufacturer with over 30 years of experience in the art of fine jewelry, Lafonn is proud to offer our collection of couture sterling silver jewelry. The moment you touch and handle our jewelry, you will experience the difference. Lafonn products give the opportunity to own a beautiful, well made piece of jewelry at a price that is within reach.

Charles Garnier Paris continues its tradition of fine, innovative jewelry with the launch of the Sterling Silver Constellation and Couture Silver Chains Collections. Both are turning heads with truly dazzling finishes and an exciting variety of colors; rhodium finished, 18kt yellow gold finish, 18kt rose gold finish and black ruthenium.
With a rich history of exquisite quality and styling since 1901, Charles Garnier Paris continues to be at the forefront in design and technology for today's discriminating shoppers.
Plain or exuberant hoops, romantic medals, audacious pendants, hearts, starts, water drops or geometrical shapes - the creators of these wonders have been presenting collections that can be worn as classic or avant-garde pieces.