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Interested in how Custom Design Works...
The Custom Design piece, that is featured above, is from a Customer that had a beautiful 2.0ct Round, Brilliant Cut Diamond and a Seven Stone Diamond Band (Picture 1). She was looking to update and create a fantastic set that would be "timeless and classic, but with a mix of modern elegance".
We browsed through a few hundred rings trying to get some inspiration and the right mix for her, but ultimately decided that a custom design would be the perfect fit! She loved a detail from this ring, but the profile from that and the width of this ring but loved the halo from that ring. We combined all of her ideas and created a CAD rendering (Picture 2 & 3) to show her what the piece would look like.
After a few weeks the Wax for her Custom Design came in and we showed the wax to her (Picture 4 & 5.) Waxes are a fantastic way for you, the customer, to see a tangible design that you helped create. It also allows you to either approve or change any detail before the wax is cast in its metal. Once a piece is cast, it becomes exponentially more difficult to change